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We live a traditional Japanese lifestyle in our home in the countryside. I work daily in organic farming and my artwork, but there are many other activities that must has to be done regularly, as well. If you join us in Daisen in Tottori prefecture, you will not be a guest, but rather a contributing member of our family, and this is a role we value tremendously.

Welcome travelers, foreigners, family and friends!

We started this farm in 2013, from almost nothing. there was an old abandoned house and everything was covered in vegitation. it has taken years of effort and help from people from around the world to create the place we now call home. While living self-sufficiently sounds fun, it is also hard. whatever it is you need - you must create yourself. this way of life takes a lot of effort, but it also gives back in making you a healthy person in body and mind.


Work on the farm is plenty and varied - we can always find something for people to do! 

We make and grow much of our own food, so a lot of farming is done here, which includes weeding, planting, removing insects and harvesting. we also make organic fermented foods such as miso, soy sauce, mirin and umeboshi for ourselves . Because we have no gas heating - we require much wood for heating the house and water we use for bathing, so we have work in moving, cutting, harvesting, and stacking lumber. 

we, together with volunteers from around the world have built most of the things on the farm, including a hut, house extensions, an outdoor stove and more. this sometimes requires labor intensive work, including moving earth and big rocks.


While this may sound difficult - we also love taking breaks to enjoy nature and breath the clean mountain air. we do everything to respect the amazing people who came here to help us, and we deeply honor and appreciate them as part of our family. We never expect anything from someone that we would not expect from ourselves. We usually prepare and eat meals as a family.


If any of this seems interesting to you, please feel free to contact us.our family would love to accept you if you from anywhere you come from, without discrimination. Currently we only have 1 room for volunteers., but we can always find interesting solutions for any problem ;)

Some feedback from WWOOF Japan site:

what people say

"I spent a week with Savo and his family. I wish I had more time there though. Staying with him was exactly what I thought WWOOFing would be like. Every day we followed a schedule. There was plenty of work to do. And I was never stuck doing the same thing all day. Every meal we ate had something from the garden or the mountain. It is very rewarding to know how much the help you provide means to Savo and his family. His vision for his land is beautiful and while it is still a work in progress, I was very happy to help in every way that I could. I will definitely return to stay again and to see the progress made. Savo also taught me how to make organic Miso in a traditional way that many people don't get to see anymore. I was very happy for that and he shared his recipe with me. Can't wait to make some when I return home. Thank you again for the time with you all!"

Mikkun, 2018.

We currently take in "Wwoofers" through WWOOF Japan (host user ID: h15692). 

However, we will gladly accept visitors that are not "Wwoofers" if they follow the same terms and conditions of WWOOF Japan.

If you are interested in experiencing and learning about self-sufficient living lifestyle, traditional Japanese farming, woodworking and culture - please write to us and let us know through our contact page!

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