Spiritual living

Spiritual living, Bushidou and the balance of things.

We believe that a big part of our lives is decided by our inner spiritual balance, and how we treat the world and people around us.

Life is not easy for anyone - especially those who try to make the path they want to walk on. we could never have achieved what did without the help of family, friends, community, and strangers. We believe that this help we received is a part of a bigger natural balance. it is a life of giving that enables the universe to help us receive what we need.

We strongly believe that in order to receive - first you must to give. Helping others with their problems will ensure that the spiritual balance will later pay you back. this is what we call a Spirit-bank. This spirit bank has been a big part of our life here on the farm and in rural Japan. Allowing us to accept people from around the world, giving and receiving. 

We also try to practice the way of Boshido -living a morally clean and right life while honoring others and nature. Even though this term is related to fighting usually - it is important to know that Samurai is also a way of life, and there were also female samurai  - so don't worry - we don't walk around with Swords ;)

It is the these concepts and beliefs  that enabled  us to receive the help we needed for making our own path in life. we intend to keep walking this path and share it with those who are willing to walk with us.

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