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【Self-sufficiency-what drives me】

”You used to pick insects all the time." I still interact with my kindergarten teacher.

My impression when I was young was just one word. I enjoyed chasing insects that much.

For me, the kindergarten I used to attend was a place that would accept me without having to deal with my friends or do the same as everyone else. But I gradually realize that this is not the case in elementary school ... Can I say something more interesting than my friends? Can I exercise more than my friends do? ? Can I study more than my friends? ? ? I was never noticed by my friends.

I used to catch insects and fish like I was in kindergarten. At last I couldn't even study. I used to go camping with my family during summer vacation. But when I was ten, I decided to join a summer camp.

When I was absorbed in it, the camp staff said: "How did you get that insect?" "You're good at climbing trees!" "Can you set it on fire? Wow !!" Praised me. For the first time, I felt "admitted" by others. Camp staff are not school teachers. He's not the one to criticize or obey me. There was a value that the school did not have. I enjoyed I finally felt like I was. When I became a junior high school student, I also traveled to my relatives' home in Hokkaido far from home for a long time. I was able to peel it from the person I met "Wow! Are you still a junior high school student? It's amazing that you can travel alone at that age. '' They went to various places, knew various things, and were cool travelers. "amazing! ”They said to me. I was surprised and made myself a little proud. And they played me guitars and cooked food. They taught me that there are many fun things in this world. I started playing guitar when I was in high school. When I was a university student, I participated in summer camp as a staff member. I played the guitar and sang for the children.

The children were surprised. "Wow!" They said.

At that time, I realized. I used to look like the people I yearned for. And this time, for me "Wow! Can you do that?" I was in a position to say. Any small thing "I can do it too" I wanted them to feel that way. I thought that small confidence would be the next step. I continued traveling alone after that.

When I was traveling, I met many people who were looking for something. They were the people who faced themselves and were serious about living. I also found them crazy. And my favorite things increased. Unlike my childhood, modern children have lots of things to do, such as cram school, sports, games, and online, so I think they have less free time. They have a lot of fun to give. But try it yourself. What you want to do without help. Don't let the people around them pull that off. I want you to continue to love me. That's what I like When it comes to living power I think I'm glad I liked the camp.

              ※A handmade campsite made at home

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