Organic Farming

Organic farming for food, for life.

The Fujiwara family tries to live self-sufficiently from farm products that they grow themselves.

A great contributor of healthy, self-sufficient living is the food we eat. In these modern times very easy to simply buy your ready, factory made food, but this also makes us forget about the people who made it, the sacrifices made for it, and the consequences it has fornature and other living beings. Knowing were our food comes from and believing it is the right and healthy choice for our body is crucial to us.

We grow our food on our land, without pesticides, and with natural composting materials. When we eat our food we know it was us who worked the soil, it was us who planted the seed, and it is us who harvested. This process preserves the natural taste and freshness of the food,  decreasing impact on the environment, and creates a healthy relationship between us humans and nature. 

The first few years were tough, but we are learning a developing our understanding of the land and nature around us. each year we are able to harvest more good food, and increase our self sufficient life-style. We aspire to create a clean and healthy system of food self sufficiency, for the sake of our own health, and for that of the environment and nature we leave for our future generations.

If you know about organic, clean farming - we would love for you to visit us so we can learn from you, or if you are  wanting to come eat this delicious food and learn about this life-style, please send Savo an email, or come experience it yourself! 

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