Our Lifestyle?

Living Self-Sufficiently.



We love our life and hope we can show you all the great things!


Our family tries to live self-sufficiently from farm products that we make ourselves. I make art (wood carving and Japanese calligraphy-- shodo) and I have several exhibitions a year. 

I chose this life after traveling in Nepal. I traveled in mountains where I visited several remote villages where people lived self-sufficiently: there, the next town was one week away by foot. To my surprise, they told me they were satisfied with there lives and were living happily. Realizing the importance of this experience, I began to consider living self-sufficiently myself.


One year later, a large earthquake occurred in Kobe, Japan. I participated in volunteer activities to help the earthquake victims for 6 months. This experience made me understand what I truly wanted for my life.

Check out some of our passions!

Organic Farming

Growing over 50 different kinds of vegetables for food.

Spritual Life

Spirituality is the basis of each of our achievements

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