Bettarazuke is a famous tsukemono from Tokyo préfecture using daikon radish and koji.

Tsukemonos are eaten daily in Japan. Every region has its speciality. Sweet tsukemonos are Tokyoite`s favorites and among them, bettarazuke is one of the most enjoyed.

Bettarazuke is a delicious tsukemono (Japanese pickle) using koji mold and sweetened with mirin. Here are the ingredients:


Daikon: 3kg

Salt: 60g



Yuzu Peel: 

Kombu seaweed: 

Hot pepper: 


To make it, fresh daikon is cut in 4 pieces and sliced in 5mm pieces, before being sun dried for a day to allow water to come out, giving a longer conservation to final product.

After being half dried, daikon is weighted, put into a crock and 2-3% salt (in weight) is added. This step is called shitazuke, meaning preparing the pickle. Daikon is rubbed with salt by hands and pressed in the bottom of the crock. A weight corresponding to 3 times the weight of daikon is then put on the radish to help residual water to come out. The crock is left to rest for a day.

By that time, amazake is prepared (see the section about amazake among the topics).

The next morning, daikon is drained and water is thrown away. Daikon is then left to dry for one hour. By that time à paste is prepared, mixing together amazake, mirin, kombu, yuzu peel and hot pepper cut into slices. Sugar can be added.

Salted daikon is mixed with the paste and press into a crock. This step is called honzuke, with means making the pickle.

The tsukemono is then left to ferment up to six days. Bettarazuke can now be enjoyed without reservation, as it keeps for only one week!

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